Welcome to the website of the American Money and Gold Rush Museum (AMGRM), an upcoming national showcase of American numismatic history that will be on display in San Francisco, California. With the closure of the Smithsonian's numismatic museum, AMGRM will serve as a premier focal point of American coins and money related items on the west coast.

Appropriately housed in the Old San Francisco Mint Building, AMGRM will educate individuals of all ages about the story and concept of money, from the beginnings of a barter economy, to how coins were first minted. Each exhibit will offer visitors a glimpse into the social and cultural history of the time period they represent using state-of-the-art displays and interactive exhibits.

We are very excited at the American Numismatic Association, the world's largest organization dedicated to the study and collection of money and related items, along with the San Francisco Historical Society to make this vision a reality.

We hope you enjoy learning more about AMGRM and ways you can be involved in this premier national showcase.

Christopher Cipoletti, Executive Director, American Numismatic Association


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